We’re Back!!!!

After a rather long period of dormancy, WE ARE BACK!!!!

We are launching off with a few courses to be scheduled, check HERE for the calendar.

As you may already know, we used to offer Gear Acquisition services (retail). We ceased that altogether in 2015. We first started that venture in an effort to raise capital and provide top quality gear to our clients. Well, retail is a messy world. We weren’t making money like we had hoped. Lots of paperwork, low margins, taxes, E-commerce, inventory, shipping, taxes, licensing, and taxes. It just wasn’t working out like we had hoped.

We don’t currently have any plans to re-enter that business.

However, what our primary goal was is slowly becoming a reality! Training! We have gathered certifications and have just about finished developing our own curriculum for a course and are working on several others. So, I’m here to announce our re-launch!!!

Stay tuned, and watch for training opportunities to be scheduled on our calendar.

Until next time, Stay safe, and don’t make the news.

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