Training Services

Firearms Training Program


We are developing our exclusive training program to cater to the specific and personalized needs of our clients. We aim to be affordable, and informative in teaching you specifically what you need to know. From first time shooters and novice beginners to the long time “gun guy”, each citizen deserves to be as well equipped and trained as any other. Not only should you be taught how to use your weapon, but when to use it, why you use it, the laws regarding your weapon, how to maintain it, and the use of any other gear or accessories you may have. You have specific questions, we have answers.

We are developing a Firearms Training program that has multiple steps and multiple course options within each step to better serve the needs of individuals. Everyone is different and has different needs than everyone else, this flexible program style enables the instruction to adapt to the specific needs of the students.

While we are still developing our courses before we launch them, I can’t give you all the details, but I can tell you our goals:

  1. Take a beginning shooter from first shots all the way to being a well trained, confident, disciplined shooter.
  2. Acquire whatever gear is needed to enable, promote, or encourage the safe use of firearms for sporting and defensive purposes.

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Other Training


In addition to the Firearms Training Program, we are developing other courses in self defense, survival, and other tactical disciplines. These are separate, independent courses and will cover a broad range of topics from desert survival, edged weapons, and the history of the Second Amendment.

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Not every course can fill your needs, or maybe you really like the course but would like some further reinforcement. That’s what personal coaching is for, wether for individuals or small groups, it’s a low key way to ask your specific questions or hone your skills under the watchful eyes of an experienced coach. These are pre-scheduled in hourly blocks either independent of other courses or immediately after a course to provide more time to practice.

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We are Firearms Professionals, we are experts in our chosen fields and we love to help people. If you need a consultant for firearms or Second Amendment related issues, we would love to help. From the written word and film consultations, to home defense planning and speaking engagements, we stand ready to make sure you have the knowledge you need to complete your mission.

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