Skills Workshops

Our unique Firearms Training Program not only includes formal courses, classes, and seminars, but also has regularly scheduled practice sessions we call “Skills Workshops”. Each Workshop will focus on honing and refining a skill or knowledge, that we teach or discuss in one of our courses. Though some may be basic, focusing on fundamentals, others may be more advanced. Workshops are less formal and are designed to be fun and challenging.

Furthermore, attendance at these Workshops is tracked. Many courses we offer have a checklist based on competency at certain tasks and the demonstration of certain knowledge and attitudes. Workshops can add up to the equivalent to a course and you can actually be recognized for completing a course simply by attending the appropriate Workshops. The more you attend, the more you reap the rewards.

Keep in mind though, meetings do have a maximum attendance  for each workshop, so only the first to register will be able to attend.

Want to see what we have coming up? Check out our Calendar page.