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Max, I don’t know how you did it but you came through! UPS just delivered the hand guard at about 1615 this afternoon! Just wanted to let you know I got it and on Christmas Eve to boot. I am one happy camper. Thank you so much!

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Christmas,

Thanks Again!


PS: You’ll be getting more of my business.



Let’s start off by saying Maxwell at Black Wolf Weapons and Training is an outstanding businessman and customer service advocate. I had originally order a complete bolt carrier group of the AR-15 I was building on January 7th, 2013. The place I ordered from showed them in stock the day I ordered it. I know from what was going on in the industry I thought there would be a little wait on it to ship, but had no idea that after a month they would change the status of my order from “processing” to “back ordered”. Frustrated I started searching the web for a BCG, it was the only part I needed to complete my first build. There was nothing, absolutely nothing in stock anywhere.

Fast forward to April of this year (still waiting on the original BCG) and I notice one of the Facebook pages I follow, Black Wolf Weapons and Training has a lead on some BCG’s with a turnaround time of 6-8 weeks. I called Maxwell about them and we had a great conversation, he’s a very knowledgeable and personal fellow. I nervously agreed to cancel my back ordered BCG and order a phosphate coated one from Max and Black Wolf. Hung up the phone and said “Yes”! I should be breaking in the new rifle next month! About an hour later I got an email from Max saying that the manufacturer had decided not to do the run on phosphate coated BCG’s and were doing a Nickel Boron run only due to the sheer number of orders for that type they got. Called Max back and he upgraded my original order to NiB for a very minimal price, I was quite pleased.

About 7 weeks later there it was in my mailbox, my BCG! Max had delivered and kept me informed all the way through the wait, his service is excellent. I just found out this week (8/21/13) that the original company I ordered from had STILL not shipped those bolts over eight months later!

As to the bolt itself, I slapped that baby in and finally got out to my sister and brother in laws land to break the new build in. Stood on the range and *BANG*! First shot rang out clean and true. Pulled the trigger a second time and…nothing. The bolt did not cycle. I started worrying a little bit, went back up to the house and started taking things apart. Everything looked fine, what was going on? I texted a friend who replied, “Check the gas block and tube”. Bingo! Gas block was not centered over the hole in the barrel. Got that re-situated and back out to the range. BANG! BANG! BANG! Worked like a champ. The BCG was properly assembled, staked, MPI tested, you name it. After 150 rounds I pulled it out and took a paper towel to the NiB bolt, it was pretty black (using that cheap steel cased .223) and it wiped off clean just as advertised! What more can I say, it’s a BCG, built correctly out of quality steel and functioning flawlessly. Very pleased.

Black Wolf Weapons and Training is a stand out business that is up front and honest, no nonsense and cares very much about their customer’s. I will gladly do business with Max and the team again. Thanks, Maxwell!

My build: Scorpion Tactical lower, blemished Palmetto State Armory upper, Stoner Arms carbine length barrel, Magpul STR stock, Magpul grip and trigger guard, NC Star drop in quad rail, Parallax Tactical BCG, PSA LPK buffer and tube and Sig Sauer CP1 Sport optic. I have no idea what type of gas block it is, got it from a gunsmith and it has a flip up front sight with a bayonet lug on the bottom.

Jim K.



I just got my order from Black Wolf Weapons and Training today. Everything showed up and was as exactly as ordered. He was able to get a bunch of Magpul stuff that I couldn’t get all in one location. This helped me out to make one bulk order for a bunch of stuff. I am very happy with it!



I just wanted to write a review on Maxwell of Black Wolf Tactical. I was looking to get into shooting competition when I reached out to Maxwell. I having no experience with holsters, mag holders belts etc.. had no idea where to start. Maxwell helped me find the perfect equipment for my tactical training and competition needs. I would not hesitate to use his services again.



What can I say about the services offered at Black Wolf Weapons and Training, amazing is really all I need to say about them. When I had finally decided to go out and get my first firearm I had asked Maxwell from Black Wolf Weapons and Training to accompany me in my purchase. We had gone around to the local gun show and that day me and him had talked in length about what firearm would best suit my needs. He had spent his time talking me through the different types and calibers I might want for the need I was using it for (home defense), and when we decided, it was on a nice 9MM ,something I have shot before and could feel comfortable shooting again. After we decided the type of caliber, we had spent some time looking into what make and model I should get and after some careful consideration, and more good info from Maxwell, I had decided on a Ruger SR9 standard, because of its ambidextrous mag release and thumb safety (I am left handed). After I had made my purchase and we left the gun show, Maxwell had then shown me how to field strip and clean my new firearm, showing me the proper ways to clean not only the inside but outside of my pistol. After we had spent some time cleaning and checking my firearm, Maxwell then showed me some proper handling procedures and ways to train myself in the workings of my new firearm. I can now say without any doubt that I can handle, maintain, and use my firearm to a much better degree then I would by myself, if not for Maxwell’s training. I would also like to say that after the training was done, he had shown me some of the options I could use if I ever wanted to change from just a home defense gun, to an open/concealed carry gun (I am also the proud owner of a very nice shoulder holster, thanks to Black Wolf Weapons and Training). Overall the experience and prices of the services and products I have received from Black Wolf Weapons and Training was top notch and I will continue to go to them for all of my future purchases and further training.

– Joey


When it comes to finding things the FBI has nothing on Black Wolf



I did get my L5 mags last night, and they are very good quality. I really do want to thank you for stepping up and offering your services after hearing about my terrible experience with XXXXXXXXXXXX. The ammo fits perfectly in the mags, and I have not had any issues loading them. I highly recommend Black Wolf Weapons and Training to anyone looking for an honest company to deal with. Black Wolf, thanks again, your customer service is awesome, and I will be recommending you to everyone I know, and be ordering more stuff in the near future!