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Do you offer any training courses?

Absolutely! check out our Training page for more information.

Do you offer CCW courses?

Training should never be to fulfill a requirement of law, but as a betterment of self, a quest for self perfection/improvement, and enlightenment. We are sick of seeing $20 CCW courses that give you a brochure on gun laws and then go do some feel good easy course of fire or no course of fire at all. Its not about checking a box and getting a government permit! It’s about acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be able to defend yourself effectively.

Our goal is not to aid people in the fastest, least expensive way to get their CCW, or other license, but to teach and inform them on the discipline they are seeking to perfect. Some of our courses will fulfill, most will exceed, the requirements to get an AZ CCW. Our CCW course is done in two segments, a classroom portion that discusses the laws concerning concealed carry in AZ and developing a defensive mindset, and a range portion that will help you gauge your effectiveness, learn some practical skills, and revaluate your improvement. Please see our CCW Class page for more information.

Do I really even need my CCW in AZ, I mean, what are the benefits of even having one?

Don’t look at it as getting a permit that allows you to do X, Y, and Z, but as side effect of having education in the laws, skills and principles of self defense in Arizona.

Pick a class that will teach you, and then do the same next year. It can teach you legalities (which should be refreshed and updated often as they can change every year), or reinforce fundamentals, or add new skills, or just be fun and new. Point is, to be your best, you have to keep getting better, to keep getting better, you need to practice and continue your education.

That’s the reason to get training, not to get a permit.

Now a permit in AZ will allow you:

  1. Firstly, in regards to state law, the only exception granted to CCW holders is they are allowed to carry in places that serve liquor, provided that they don’t drink, the establishment has not prohibited firearms and they have their CCW with them at the time. (ARS 4-244 Paragraphs 29-31, ARS 4-229)
  1. Federal Law allows those who are licensed by the state, e.g. CCW Permit Holders, to carry on public property, roads, or sidewalks within the 1000 foot School Zone parameter, but State Law still prohibits carry on the school grounds itself. ‘School Grounds’ includes the parking lot, which there are provisions for transporting and storing an unloaded firearm in the parking lot. (18 U.S.C Section 922(q)(2), ARS 13-3102)
  1. According to The ATF, those with a valid AZ CCW are exempt from having to complete a “Brady Check” Background Check with NICS when purchasing a firearm from a dealer. A valid AZ CCW Permit is accepted by the ATF as an alternative to the NICS Check. Your FFL may or may not require a background check, they can accept your CCW instead, but they don’t have to. This is not a privilege afforded to all Concealed Carry permits from every state, so cherish it. (https://www.atf.gov/content/firearms/firearms-industry/permanent-brady-permit-chart)
  1. Reciprocity with other states. There are 36 or so states that hold the AZ permit as valid within their borders, provided you also follow their laws on carry. So, with an AZ CCW you can carry in 36 other states, as long as you follow their laws. (http://www.azdps.gov/Services/Concealed_Weapons/Reciprocity/)

These seem to be the only benefits to having that government permit in your wallet.

Otherwise, just treat it as a side effect of being properly trained and maintaining your education and experience level. My recommendation is to find a class that is above and beyond the requirements, you want to be the best you can be, not just good enough for the permit which has basically zero standards these days anyways.

Get trained. Maintain a permit cause you are trained. Continue your education as a responsible gun owner (and cause its fun!).

Do you sell AR lowers/Firearms?

No, we do not sell any firearms or receivers as regulated by the ATF. At this time we do not have a Federal Firearms License. Owning and operating an FFL takes a lot of work, licensing, paperwork, records, etc. At this time we don’t want to swamp ourselves with this additional workload in managing an FFL. However, we are more than happy to refer you to an FFL that can help you find the firearm you are looking for.

Are you a Class III Dealer, for suppressors, machine guns and short barrels rifles and shotguns?

No, we are not licensed and permitted to engage in the sale of any of these restricted items, however, we do maintain business contacts with companies that do, and we would be happy to refer you to them.

Do you sell Gunpowder/Primers/Reloading supplies?

We do not sell reloading supplies at this time, honestly its not really our market. But, again, we can refer you to someone who does.

Do you have a public location?

We do not have a public location. Though we would be happy to meet local clients at the range or for lunch to get some pizza and chat. All you have to do is ask.

How do I Register my Gun in AZ?

You don’t. There is no registration in AZ, there is no option to register, there is no registry, and there is no way to register a firearm in AZ. Period.

In Fact, according to ARS 13-3108, its illegal for the state or any political subdivision of the state to register firearms.